February 19, 2020 (Wednesday) 10:00-17:00 Edo/TOKYO A fusion of techno and techno exhibition 2020

 February 6th (Thursday) and 7th (Friday), 2020 The 24th Advanced Technology and Skills Exhibition Ota Industry Fair

 February 5th (Wednesday) to 7th (Friday), 2020 41st Industrial Technology Fair “Technical Show Yokohama 2020”

 December 4th (Wednesday) to 6th (Friday), 2019 Small and medium-sized enterprises New manufacturing and new service exhibition

 November 13th (Wednesday) to 15th (Friday), 2019 Industrial Exchange Exhibition 2019
  Japan's largest trade show by SMEs

 November 6th (Wednesday)-9th (Saturday), 2019 Messe Nagoya Japan's largest cross-industry exchange exhibition

 October 24th (Thursday) to 25th (Friday), 2019 9th Ota Research and Development Fair

 July 5, 2019 (Gold) The 12th Daejeon Processing Technology Exhibition Conference


 January 31, 2019 (Thursday), February 1, 2019 (Friday) 23rd Advanced Technology and Skills Exhibition Ota Industrial Fair

 January 14th (Wednesday) to 16th (Friday), 2018 21st Industrial Exchange Exhibition 2018

 October 25th (Thu)-26th (Fri), 2018 Exhibited at the 8th Ota R&D Fair